Focus on practical value and look forward to subverting imagination with intelligent black technology.

Under the curtain of intelligent competition in the new energy vehicle market, relying on the exclusive architecture of high-end new energy vehicles-the technical empowerment of the architecture, millions of high-end brands are gradually emerging. Looking up to the architecture is a top-level technical architecture that covers six hard-core technologies, namely, Yifangfang, Yunqi, Blade Battery, Super Body, Intelligent Cockpit and Intelligent Driving Assistance. It is like a flourishing new energy technology tree, which can produce many unprecedented subversive functions when matched with each other. On BYD Dream Day, looking up to the unfathomable technical details of the architecture once again refreshed the cognition inside and outside the industry.

The practical value of turning around in situ is displayed, and it is easy to subvert the imagination by parking in all directions.

Nowadays, automatic parking in the rim is not a novel technology. Even in narrow mechanical parking spaces, some brands can control parking more accurately than "old drivers". But this only solves the problem of the first step of parking-parking the car well. In some places where there is insufficient parking space, automatic parking will either take a long time to move repeatedly, or it will be automatically judged that it is impossible to park in the parking space. Obviously, more practical automatic parking needs to add two elements: "parking efficiency and parking safety". Looking up to easy four-way parking, it is precisely the higher-order side and vertical parking problems that are solved.

The core of Easy Four-way Parking stems from the mutual integration of Easy Four-way Parking and Intelligent Driving Assistance, and innovatively solves the parking problem through the combined force of electrification and intelligence. Taking the small side parking space as an example, Easy Four-way parking subverts the traditional idea of reversing into the parking space, and can automatically control the front of the car to plunge into the parking space, and then control the vehicle to rotate around the inner front wheel, similar to the way of turning around at a small angle. Under the condition that the position of the front of the car remains unchanged, it is easy and efficient to "move" the rear of the car into the parking space laterally. Obviously, the practical value of in-situ U-turn is vividly displayed through the mutual cooperation of Easy Sifang and intelligent parking technology.

It is reported that easy parking can achieve 0.04m rotational positioning and control accuracy, and the parking efficiency is 50% faster than that of "old drivers". From the data point of view, its technological leadership and practicality can be seen, which also makes automatic parking enter a higher technical level.

Industry-leading large language model injection, advanced intelligent voice function in the whole scene

In the aspect of intelligent cockpit, full-scene intelligent voice also embodies the mutual integration of vehicle intelligence and cockpit intelligence. Looking at the development level of intelligent voice technology in the industry, continuous dialogue in the whole scene, independent interaction in the four-tone zone, and full-time wakeup-free all belong to the functions of the head echelon model. For example, the user gives an instruction through intelligent voice: "Please set the air conditioner to 25 degrees, turn on the seat for heating, switch the driving mode to comfort, and then turn on the seat massage." Cars can be executed one by one, and the functions that can be controlled by intelligent voice include both the driving end and the intelligent cabin end. At present, the next highland of intelligent voice recognized in the industry is the all-round injection of AI. In this field, looking up has once again taken a big step forward.

The full-scene intelligent voice displayed on this dream day is equipped with the industry-leading large language model, which is more accurate in intention recognition, can easily understand complex scenes, and has the industry’s first voice editing complex instructions. Under the blessing of the big language model, looking up to the intelligent voice of the whole scene can realize the functions of "cross-screen control+multi-screen linkage, cross-brand group vehicle voice communication, complex command AI scene, cross-tone command inheritance and scale control". For example, when users drive by car in formation, by establishing point-to-point vehicle contact through VIN, they can use intelligent voice to transmit voice messages across brands and models, and even send music and videos through airdrops, which greatly enhances the fun of driving. In the car, intelligent voice interactive commands such as air conditioning and music can realize the inheritance without waking up. For example, the main driver says "turn down the temperature of air conditioning", and the co-driver only needs to say "I want it". The system can automatically follow the control, and the intelligent level is quite high.

From the display of the two eye-catching functions of Easy Four-way Parking and Full Scene Intelligent Voice, we can clearly feel that under the guidance of the technology of looking up to architecture, we look up to the unique innovation ability of intelligence in the industry. When the hard-core technology under the architecture is flexibly combined like a Rubik’s cube and adapted to different scenes, the function of solving the pain points of users’ actual car use is born one after another. This also makes us look forward to what kind of intelligent advanced functions that can break through imagination can be mass-produced in the future by looking up to the characteristics of ultra-high-energy, borderless and evolvable architecture!

At present, with the accelerated construction of all-direct-operated stores nationwide, exhibition halls and central stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities have opened their doors to welcome guests. When you enter the store to see the car, you can carefully experience the leading intelligent technology and feel the top intelligent technology strength in the industry.