Relying on technology to prop up millions of dollars, how subversive is U8?

The arrival of the era of electrification has eclipsed many outstanding people in the field of fuel vehicles. If it is equipped, one foot throttle is thrown far away; Known for its cross-country ability, the arduous climbing slope is easily climbed. The appearance of Yi Sifang not only gives the confidence to expect U8 to sell for more than one million yuan, but also seems to be "military training" for millions of traditional luxury brand oil trucks.

When a motor is installed on each of the four wheels, how can there be such a strong subversive force? In the field of automobiles, "make great efforts to make miracles" is a universal truth, and V6 and V12 in the era of fuel vehicles are even useful. In the era of electrification, the performance of the front and rear dual motors is comparable to that of V6 and even V8 engines, and the 3s club with zero acceleration has flooded into many models. And the U8 equipped with easy four directions is equipped with a wheel-side motor on all four wheels, and each motor is equivalent to a high-performance 2.0T You can imagine how powerful the performance of U8 is.

The maximum power output of 1200 horsepower and the acceleration time of 100 kilometers of 3.6s are just the basic operation of U8. The technical magic of the four motors is that each wheel can be independently controlled by the driving force and direction, which gives the vehicle a super body attitude adjustment ability. Let’s look at the two functions, and we can fully understand the strength of Yi Sifang.

The first is to look up to U8′ s "housekeeping skill" and turn around. One of its practical values is that it can be applied to parking scenes. For example, in a side direction, the passage is very narrow and it is difficult to stop by conventional U-turn. Looking up at U8, the front of the car can be inserted into the parking space first, and then the motor can be controlled to make the three wheels rotate forward and backward, so that the car can be "pushed" in place. It is incredible and quite practical.

In addition, for example, when encountering an extremely dangerous accident such as high-speed tire puncture, looking up at U8 can quickly adjust the output of three wheels and keep the vehicle in a stable state. In other words, Yi Sifang will quickly establish a new balance state for U8, so that the driver can drive to the service area for further treatment after encountering a flat tire. It is said that safety is the greatest luxury, and this innovative function fully demonstrates the safety attainments of U8.

Maybe a few years ago, we often heard comments on the Internet, saying that "independent brands only heap configuration, play cost-effective, and have no core technology". But in the last year or two, the situation has completely changed. Looking up to U8, it has never fallen out of the head camp of million-class luxury cars since the first complete delivery month, and the recognition of technical strength and product value can be seen. Among them, Yi Sifang’s subversion of the traditional drive system has greatly impressed us.