Sailis Automobile: AITO ranks among the top five luxury brands in terms of sales volume, with a cumulative sales volume of nearly 300,000 units.

2023 Beijing Auto Show: Innovative Rubik’s Cube Platform for Automobile Display
At the 2023 Beijing Auto Show, Auto launched its own Rubik’s Cube platform, which can be compatible with three power forms: super-increase, pure electric and super-hybrid, and support the expansion of all models from B-class to D-class cars, SUVs and MPVs.

In 2021, the comprehensive cooperation between AITO and Huawei brought three industry-leading intelligent electric vehicle products, namely M5, M7 and M9, to the market. In the first quarter of this year, the sales volume of AITO has ranked among the top five in the luxury car market in China. The car also introduced that as of the latest, AITO has sold nearly 300,000 units and maintained an excellent safety record of zero spontaneous combustion of batteries.