Starting from the price of 174,900 yuan, the new model of Chery Tiggo 9 went on the market and its configuration was adjusted.

A few days ago, the Auto Intelligence Office learned from relevant channels that 9 new models are officially positioned as medium-sized SUVs. The new car has launched two models with a price of 174,900 yuan and 177,900 yuan respectively, providing 7-speed dual clutch and 8.The 8-speed version can be selected.

In terms of appearance, Tiggo 9 is still relatively tough, and its gas field is relatively sufficient. The middle net adopts straight waterfall design and consists of a large number of decorative strips. The headlight group is relatively narrow in design, adopting banner design, and chrome-plated decorative strips are added on both sides of the front enclosure as embellishments. The overall design and recognition are still relatively high.

Chery Tiggo 9 positioning medium-sized SUV, the sense of volume is still relatively sufficient, the roof and rearview mirror are painted in black, the door handle is designed in a hidden way, and the taillights have a good visual effect after lighting up. The taillights also provide a brand letter logo in the middle, and the exhaust adopts a double-out design. In terms of body size, the length, width and height are respectively4820x1930x1699 mm, with a wheelbase of 2820 mm and a five-seat layout.

Chery Tiggo 9 has a good sense of atmosphere and texture in the interior, and the color matching of the interior is also very dynamic, consisting of a variety of colors. The size of the full LCD instrument is 12.3 inches, and the size of the central control screen is12.3 inches, the car chip adopts Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155, and the daily operation is smooth and silky.

In the power part, the new car will continue to be equipped with 2.0T turbocharged, reaching 261 horsepower.400, the transmission system is 7-speed dual clutch and 8-speed automatic manual transmission, and the comprehensive fuel consumption of WLTC is 7.5L.