Live broadcast with goods into a youth employment outlet? Industry: Creativity is easy to come out.

  On June 22nd, Wei Shufen was broadcasting "Bringing Goods" live. Photo courtesy of respondents

  On May 27th, An Qiujin conducted a live broadcast of "bringing goods" for local agricultural products in Guizhou. Photo courtesy of respondents

  The competition in the future will definitely become more and more fierce. Creative and thoughtful anchors are more likely to pop up and go further. Speculators may pop up suddenly, but they will be silent soon.

  "After a year or two or three years, I haven’t got a fire yet, so I must consider changing careers." Zhou Han, a post-00 girl who is currently living in a media company in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, said.

  She is a freshman majoring in modeling and etiquette in Yiwu Vocational and Technical College of Industry and Commerce. She looks sweet, likes "two yuan" and is good at dancing. About three months ago, her college cooperated with this media company to cultivate e-commerce live broadcasters. Zhou Han quickly became famous. "Now e-commerce live broadcasts are so hot, and when the opportunity comes, we must seize it."

  On May 8th, she took the "E-commerce Live Broadcasting Special Professional Ability Certificate" issued by Yiwu Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, and considered e-commerce anchor as her future formal career. Soon, her profession had a name of "official certification" — — Live Salesman is a type of work under "Internet Marketer", one of the 10 new occupations to be released in Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.

  "A job with at least 5,000 employees can be called a career." Pu Yongxiang, director of the Vocational Skills Evaluation Center of China National Light Industry Federation, said that there are nearly 8 million Internet marketers at present, and it is expected to reach 15 million this year. "The gap is about five or six million."

  Recently, the "Report on Live Delivery Talents in the First Half of 2020" released by BOSS, a recruitment platform, shows that in the first half of this year, the demand for talents in the main positions of "live stream economy" format reached 3.6 times that of the same period in 2019, and the number of job seekers flooding into the industry also reached 2.4 times that of the same period last year. At present, many young people have aimed at this "gap" or "outlet" and have begun to explore their way forward in this new profession.

  Important people set up, but also product quality.

  The job of "anchor" was originally like this in Zhou Han’s imagination: dress yourself up, turn on the camera and chat with netizens in the live broadcast room. Sometimes when I see the anchor who can’t speak and doesn’t move "like an oil painting" on the screen, Zhou Han thinks, "I must be better than them, at least I won’t stop talking."

  However, during the first trial broadcast, when the camera was aimed at him and the light hit him, Zhou Han found that "I can’t speak myself", and only two or three netizens came to the live broadcast room, and "I won’t talk to anyone". "The live broadcast is far more complicated than expected, and there is a lot to learn".

  In the following month, Zhou Han’s media company trained her for about one month, from the "rules of the game" of the live broadcast platform to the live broadcast process, from live script writing to dance and makeup. In the end, the company’s "personal design" for her based on her market and her personal situation is "the second girl". In Zhou Han’s view, "setting up a person" is the first step to run an account, like a road sign for the future development direction. "You can’t ‘ Second dimension ’ I’m going to cook food tomorrow. ‘ People set up ’ It is your own positioning. "

  To say "people set up", the post-95 young man An Qiujin should be regarded as "the comic coffee in the food circle and the rapper star in the comic circle". Compared with the name An Qiujin, many netizens may be more familiar with his other name "poor cuisine" — — Wearing a black blouse, wearing a pair of round-rimmed sunglasses and holding a folding fan that says "Eat on time", he has been trying to make short videos since 2018, and now he is a gourmet with millions of fans. In his view, it is better to show a more authentic self than to set up a "person". "Some things, such as the love of food, can’t be installed, and netizens can see through you at a glance."

  An Qiujin loved cooking since he was a child. Others watched cartoons on TV, and he watched cooking programs. After graduating from Tan Kah Kee College of Xiamen University in his senior year, he was invited by his seniors to join his MCN (abbreviation of multi-channel network, a product form of multi-channel network — — Editor’s note) Miracle Mountain, the company, "The company also found that I love cooking, rapper and so on, and finally chose the vertical field of food".

  Of course, "bringing goods" means keeping "goods" well.

  Wei Shufen, a live broadcast "Daren" who mainly recommends interesting food in the office, has adhered to the principle of "you must try it before you can recommend it" since the live broadcast in 2018. I don’t know how many snacks I have tasted for the "selection", and my weight has also increased by more than 10 kilograms. "In addition to the taste, we have to look at its ingredients, origin, etc., and then talk to the merchants about discounts to see if we can win more discounts for friends in the live broadcast room." Wei Shufen told reporters that the anchor should stand in the position of netizens and give them a good pass. "If the taste is bad or the price is too high or the food quality is not guaranteed, we will directly refuse. If there are good products, we will also take the initiative to talk to merchants about cooperation, and some will run back and forth for a long time. "

  It is not uncommon for the live broadcast to "roll over" due to product quality problems. Pu Yongxiu also reminded people who want to enter this industry to have certain choices about products. "A few years ago, some platforms sold ‘ Three noes ’ Products, such as masks, cause irreparable harm to users. Marketers should reduce the occurrence of such things, abide by laws and regulations, including the Advertising Law, not vicious competition, and not use extreme language. "

  Creative and thoughtful anchors are more likely to pop up.

  If the live broadcast "bringing goods" is a popular competition, then the short video production on weekdays is a popular "accumulation". "Rising fans still depends on videos. If you have a video that suddenly explodes, your fans will rise quickly." Almost every day when I open my eyes, Zhou Han begins to think, "What video do you want to send today?"

  To this end, she will learn to dance popular dances, learn to match videos with popular background music, constantly brush other people’s videos or live broadcasts and try to find pink skills from them. She will be anxious about the high and low "traffic" and will be more nervous when she sees new people entering the company. She will also find reasons for continuing to stick to it from the circuitous rise of video playback and praise, and will feel the "sense of value" in the commission of several hundred yuan distributed by the platform and the company. Her biggest wish now is that fans can break through ten thousand, although she is still a little far from this goal.

  But even with 5 million fans, Wei Shufen still can’t escape the anxiety about how to continue to grow. "I haven’t seen much increase in powder for two weeks, and the situation is already very serious … … Now is a bottleneck period. " What went wrong? She thought maybe it was the audience’s aesthetic fatigue. How to break through? She hasn’t decided yet, although she will think about eating and walking, and sometimes she will think about insomnia. But I still got up at 7 o’clock the next morning to make up, shoot videos and broadcast live, and then worked overtime until after 10 o’clock. She said, "There is a feeling that I can’t stop now." Although I don’t know what the future holds.

  "You don’t know what netizens really like. Maybe they like this one today and that one tomorrow. Hot spots are fleeting and it’s too difficult." Zhou Wei told reporters that if the number of broadcasts and likes drops, the traffic supported by the platform will be reduced. "Such a mechanism or rule will constantly force you to find a way."

  In a similar state, An Qiujin has experienced twice: the first time, when the number of fans reached 600,000, he began to stagnate. He remembered that he and the team had not taken a day off for 72 days after that, shooting every day and trying to find a way. One day, he happened to see a "shop assistant" blouse in the company, put it on his body and suddenly had an idea — — Spend tens of dollars to pull a piece of black cloth as the background, put on an antique blouse, change the original "rap" into "storytelling", polish the food commentary, and strengthen the rhythm of the video … … Last stand’s plan was made. "If you don’t succeed this time, you will change careers and go home to find a job or take an examination of a civil servant.".

  Unexpectedly, since then, the number of fans has risen to more than 1 million. After continuous updating for a period of time, the growth of fans reached the "bottleneck" again, and An Qiujin’s team upgraded the content again. Now his total number of fans on the whole network has exceeded 30 million. But when she really became popular, An Qiujin was not "relieved", but was even more stressed. "You will think more and have more concerns." "To tell the truth, I am afraid of being eliminated … … What you can do is to constantly adjust yourself and move forward. "

  "No matter how many fans you have, once your content stops creating and innovating, the data will be very poor." A staff member of MCN Company told the reporter that his company has hatched many accounts. "What is summed up is not the methodology of making accounts, but the cultivation of ‘ Net sense ’ I know more about what people like to see and what they don’t like to see. " In her view, the competition in the future will definitely become more and more fierce. "Creative and thoughtful anchors are more likely to pop up and go further. Speculators may pop up suddenly, but they will be silent soon."

  Zhongqingbao Zhongqingwang reporter Sun Qingling Li Guijie