Jetway Traveler will go on sale today, starting from 140,900 yuan.

Yichexun Will be officially listed tonight, andAt this year’s Chengdu Auto Show,Pre-sale has been started, including 5 models, and the pre-sale range is 140,900-180,900 yuan.

Jetway travelers are positioned as medium-sizedSUV, the design adopted a hard-core.SUVThe design concept of the headlight group is rectangular, with black air intake grille and many hardliners.SUVAs inlaid with the brand English logo "JETOUR”The front bumper is very wide and a conspicuous trailer hook position is reserved.

According to the official logo of Jietu, this car can be equipped with winch, trailer hook, side box and roof tent at the time of purchase. The official will add these modified parts to the order to make the car meet the modification standards, so as to prevent users from modifying themselves in the later period. As a medium-sizedSUVThe length, width and height of travelers are respectively4785*2006*1880mm, the wheelbase is2800mm.

The traveler’s car side design still uses straight lines to arm the hardliners.SUVThe identity of the car, the wide side pedal is connected with the blackened wheel arch, and the original factory of the car can be seen on the exhibition car to match.ATAll-terrain tires, the traveler’s rear door adopts side-opening mode, and the rear door is equipped with hardliners.SUVNecessary spare tire bag.

In terms of interior, travelers did not apply the existing interior design of Jietu family. The brand-new suspended central control screen and embedded LCD dashboard belt made the interior layout more concise. The central armrest area reserved thick handrails, front row.AThe column also has handrails to help get on the bus.

In terms of power, travelers have2.0T+8ATPower combination, the maximum power is187kW, the peak torque is390N·mAs a hard-core.SUV, travelers also haveXWDIntelligent four-wheel drive system can adjust the driving form to adapt to various road conditions through the knob behind the gear handle. In order to give users more choices, travelers also provide rides.1.5TPlug-in hybrid version of the engine, matchingoneselfthreeresist/cover/fenderDHTTransmission.

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