Hot search first, 61-year-old "matchmaker" retired after 6 million powder, and took fire to "scenic blind date"

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Online celebrity took turns to do it, and now it’s Kaifeng’s turn.

The fiery barbecue in Zibo and the ice and snow world in Harbin in the cold winter gradually faded, and the little-known Tianshui Mala Tang started the "first shot" of tourism in the new year. When the upsurge of Tianshui was still spreading, Kaifeng was caught off guard.

What is slightly special is that it is not the local characteristics of eating, drinking and scenic spots that are opened with fire, but a "matchmaker". Recently, the program "Wang Po Matchmaking" in Wuxia City, Longevity Mountain, Kaifeng, Henan Province, was popular all over the network. With its super control ability and "explosive" language, Zhao Mei, who plays "Wang Po", was called "foster mother" by many netizens.

With the appearance of Wang Po’s matchmaking segment, the number of fans of "Kaifeng Wang Po" Tik Tok account has soared. According to the data of Cicada’s mother, her account has increased by more than 5 million in half a month, and at present, her fans have exceeded 6 million, and her personal life number "Little White Pigeon Joy Club (Kaifeng Wang Po)" has reached 1.389 million. The 61-year-old Kaifeng aunt unexpectedly became the "new top stream" in the beginning of the year.

The explosion of attention has also brought fire to Wang Po’s Long Live Mountain Martial Arts City Scenic Area and the city of Kaifeng. According to the data of the same journey, before the holiday, the popularity of tourism search in Kaifeng increased by 94% month-on-month, and the number of hotel reservations increased by 44% compared with the same period of last year. Among them, the popularity of tourism search in the Wuxia City Scenic Area in Kaifeng increased by 7 times.

However, on the afternoon of April 2, WeChat official account, the WeChat of "Long Live Mountain Martial Arts City", suddenly announced that Zhao Mei, one of the actors of "Wang Po", had taken a month off from April 3, 2024 due to health reasons. During this period, other actors such as Li Li will perform "Wang Po Matchmaking" for tourists, and the offline appointment system will be implemented in the dating session.

On the afternoon of the same day, Kaifeng Wang Po responded in his short video account that he had some mental, physical and especially voice problems recently, and needed to take a break, and clarified that he had not opened a matchmaking agency online.

Speculation, scripts, bringing goods … The flood of traffic and doubts come in unison, and the "new top stream" seems to be at a loss. After Wang Po’s vacation, many scenic spots tried to copy and misappropriate the "Wang Po". How long can this craze of "If You Are the One in Scenic Spots" last?

Retire after 5 million yuan, what happened to Wang Po

In the noisy flow vortex, it only takes one month to "create God" and "destroy God".

On March 16th, "Wang Po" Zhao Mei suddenly became the flow center of Kaifeng. The source of the explosion was the "on-the-spot marriage" of grounding gas. A 19-year-old girl from Luohe, Henan Province, was selected to take the stage because of her high face value, and she chose a spouse on the spot. Groups of boys took the initiative to hurdle, which was like a live broadcast of a blind date variety show. The live broadcast was circulated wildly on the Internet, and many netizens left a message: "This Kaifeng must go."

With quick on-the-spot response, frequent golden sentences and extremely high matchmaking efficiency, tourists are flooding in, and the Long Live Mountain Scenic Area in Kaifeng is crowded with people coming for Wang Po. In half a month’s time, Wang Po’s short video account rose by 5 million, and in two online broadcast interactions with netizens, the average daily viewing exceeded 12 million.

While the heat suddenly rose, doubts gradually emerged.

In order to increase the exposure, many online celebrity lied that the blind date took the stage to rub the traffic. For nearly half a month, Wang Po was often "captured" by self-media bloggers in front of the media stage. They set up selfie sticks early and opened the live broadcast room, only waiting for "Wang Po" to appear. This scene is exactly the same as the situation after Shandong Dayi Brother, Lamian Noodles Brother and Zibo Duck Neck Brother became popular.

Wang Po said that although there was no script, a few minutes on stage was not enough to identify a qualified blind date, and there were many problems. A married man’s "brave pursuit of love" on the stage of matchmaking in Wang Po caused an uproar of public opinion, and many viewers began to question the authenticity of blind date.

Every day, every hour or even every quarter of the hour, this stage takes turns to perform different dramas. Frequent storms make Wang Po Zhao Mei face a lot of psychological pressure. At the peak of the Qingming holiday, Zhao Mei announced a vacation. Facing the media, she said that she would resign: "I may retire. I am an old lady who leads a normal life and makes my little stage in the scenic spot calm. If they still need it, I will go again and start from scratch."

"Wang Po model" is imitated, can a new top flow be born?

Wang Po is on vacation, but the temperature is still there.

As can be seen from the live broadcast of the scenic spot, on April 4th, the first day of Tomb-Sweeping Day holiday, men and women who wanted to take off their bills rushed to Kaifeng from all over the country and gathered under the love stage of Long Live Mountain. The new matchmaker Li Li appeared as "Li Po" and "Li Sister-in-law", and there were a sea of people under the stage. There were an endless stream of men and women on stage for blind date, and the onlookers crowded the whole venue.

In order to better control the customs, on April 2, the program rules of "Wang Po Media" were changed in Longevity Mountain Scenic Area, and the offline advance reservation system was implemented. Single men and women who are interested in making friends should make an appointment with their real name information, and they should ensure that they are single. The scene has been divided into single male guest area, single female guest area and tourist viewing area.

In addition, the "Long Live the Mountain Martial Arts City" said that on April 11th, the scenic spot will officially launch the "Meeting Love" activity of Shangsi Festival, and Wang Gan Niang will help you match the media online.

Kaifeng’s "Wang Po Matchmaker" is on fire, and Wang Po in other places can’t sit still.

At the moment when the volume of literature travel is fierce, Wang Po has appeared in many places, such as Pingdingshan in Henan, Rongxian in Yulin, Guangxi, Zhangzhou in Fujian, Huangzhou in Huanggang, Hubei, and Xianyang in Shaanxi. More and more new versions of Wang Po have emerged and become the new punching points in online celebrity.

Luoyang Yaowai recruited relatives, Nanyang Dushan Wang Po, Songshan Yuelao and Shangqiu Yuelao went online one after another. In Zhoukou, Henan Province, one of the imitators copied the shape of Kaifeng "Wang Po" from head to toe, and his dress, manners and manners were very similar; Not to be outdone, Dengfeng, Henan Province, launched the "matchmaking for the elderly", dressed in Dahongpao, with crutches and white hair. Tianshui, which is surrounded by mala Tang, will also launch a blind date at Fuxi Temple to build a platform for men and women who want to make friends.

"Tianxia Online Merchants" found that the blind date process in different places is similar. Most of them temporarily select people from the audience on the scene to take the stage, put forward their own conditions and requirements on the stage, pull strings on the spot, and people who are willing to communicate add WeChat friends to each other, focusing on a real grounding gas.

Judging from the popularity of the scene, although it is not as hot as the Longevity Mountain in Kaifeng, the flow of people in the scenic spots that test the "Wang Po Model" has increased significantly. In the short video platform, among the imitators at present, the popularity of Shaanxi Jinhua’s mother-in-law is gradually rising, but on the whole, the overall volume is not large, and there is no new matchmaker out of the circle.

Blind date, why do you circle the "password" in the scenic spot?

Since the "Wang Po matchmaking" fire, various jokes about going to Kaifeng for blind date have appeared on the Internet. Some netizens joked: "Everyone says it’s good to be single, and everyone runs to Kaifeng."

From the barbecue in Zibo to the outing in Harbin, and then to the explosion of matchmakers in Tianshui, Gansu and Wang Po, in the past year or two, the trip to online celebrity in the small town has become more and more skillful. Beautiful scenery, food and events with regional characteristics are circled on social media, which in turn drives the offline traffic to skyrocket, and then superimposes a series of punching cards, exploring shops and online hot search topics, further pushing up the popularity.

Previously, the cultural tourism incident in the small town was still deeply bound up with the region. For example, the steaming barbecue in Zibo was more delicious when eaten locally. Only when you arrived in Harbin can you feel the most distinctive "Frozen", and the promotion of "Erbin pet customers" was the highlight of these cities’ marketing. In contrast, "Wang Po Media-telling" has greater universality, which has not only become a national topic, but also led to the upsurge of imitation in scenic spots around the country.

Offline blind date, why can I write a new traffic password for the travel? Why is this form sought after by young people? Whose emotional value does it resonate with?

First of all, young people who shout "only engage in money but not love" have always had a demand for marriage and love. From the earliest matchmaking agency to jiayuan and Lily. com, in the past two years, the blind date live broadcast room on the short video platform has risen quietly. The matchmaker anchor opened a live broadcast room, and the guests took turns to meet by audio or video. The online "If You Are the One" was staged all the time. And "Wang Po matchmaking", like the combination of offline blind date and online speed dating, has no discomfort of "being arranged", extremely high efficiency and relaxed atmosphere, and this form hits some potential marriage and love needs.

Secondly, the "scenic version of If You Are the One" is participatory and interactive. From many short video clips circulated, we can find that the scene of Wang Po’s matchmaking is more like a small offline talk show. After the people on the stage finish, the matchmaker improvises and makes moderate jokes, and the audience immediately has instant feedback and interaction. This two-way interaction has a novel experience of participating in real-life games and playing blind date "script killing".

In addition, in the context of the Internet, young people prefer novel and interesting "new stalks" and forms of entertainment. As long as the forms are relaxed and novel enough, they are willing to try. Even if you don’t come for blind date, you can have a fun in the laughter of "matchmaking".

Third, emotional value is the core element. Many people get caught up in Wang Po, not because Wang Po can really help them find someone, but because they like the atmosphere. In the on-site blind date, Wang Po’s expression hit home the point of most people’s views. She once shared "If you don’t associate, you’ll never meet the right person" and "It’s not shameful to express your love bravely, don’t be timid". Many golden sentences touched the hearts of young people.

In many scenic spots where matchmaking is held, as long as you tell your mate selection requirements, "Wang Po" will help you yell at all the opposite sex in the audience, watch the eyes directly on the stage, and with the contrast of the atmosphere, it will be less embarrassing for strangers to "break the ice".

Of course, it is not easy to maintain the popularity of online celebrity cuisine, online celebrity scenic spots and online celebrity events, and there are many cases of silence after "going out of the circle". How long can the new trend of cultural travel blind date be dominated? It depends on the follow-up of each city.