Chery TIGGO tiggo tiggo 9 went on sale globally for 152,900 yuan.

The new car is equipped with CDC "maglev" suspension, and the posture of the car body is adjusted in real time through five vehicle state monitoring sensors+four electromagnetic shock absorbers+one controller, so that the whole car can be in a comfortable driving state at any time. Focusing on "comfortable handling", the new car is equipped with two power combinations: Kunpeng Power 400T+ Aisin 8AT or Kunpeng Power 400T+ Magna’s latest generation of 7DCT wet powershift, with a maximum power of 192kW, a peak torque of 400N.m and an acceleration of 8 seconds per 100 kilometers. In terms of "intelligent driving comfort", the new car is equipped with L2.9-class leading-edge intelligent assisted driving system, which realizes the functions of NOC Chery’s automatic navigation assisted driving and AVP’s autonomous parking service.