Geely Xingrui and Xingyue L have new models on the market, and the configuration upgrade price is more close to the people.

Recently, its popular models Geely and Geely’s new models have been officially launched. The newly listed models not only inherited the excellent genes of the original models, but also carefully adjusted the configuration and price, bringing more surprises to consumers.

In the Geely Xingrui series, 2024 models of Geely Xingrui Qingyun Edition and Xiaohan Edition have been added. Qingyun Edition shows a very high cost performance with its official guide price of 129,700 yuan. The Xiaohan version provides a richer configuration option at a price of 138,700 yuan. These two new cars continue the exquisiteness and fashion of Xingrui series in appearance and interior, and maintain the original strong performance in power.

At the same time, Geely Xingyue L series also launched two new models-2024 Xingyue L Changfeng Edition and Xingyue L Zhiqing Nebula Edition. Changfeng Edition meets the dual needs of consumers for practicality and comfort with an official guide price of 147,700 yuan. The Zhiqing Nebula Edition is an ideal choice for consumers who pursue high performance and intelligence at a price of 159,700 yuan.

In addition, in order to celebrate the launch of new models, Geely Automobile has also launched a series of rich car purchase rights. These rights and interests not only cover financial policies, gifts, maintenance services and other aspects, but also provide consumers with practical benefits such as replacement subsidies, flow subsidies and quality assurance services. These measures undoubtedly further enhance the attractiveness of new cars, and also enable consumers to enjoy more benefits when buying new cars.

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