Handsome than Paramera? Tengshi Z9 GT officially unveiled.

At the Beijing Auto Show, Tengshi Z9 GT, a brand-new flagship model of Tengshi Automobile owned by BYD, was officially unveiled. The car is positioned for medium and large cars, adopts a coupe body, and is equipped with BYD’s brand-new "Easy Tripartite" technology platform. At the same time, a hybrid version is available.

Coupe body

The car adopts a brand-new design language, with a long front part and slender headlights. There is also a slender light strip under the headlight group, and a segmented vent below it. The lidar is hidden in it, which seems to have a strong sense of integrity. The prominent front lip gives the car a strong sporty atmosphere.

The new car on the side of the car body adopts a very classic coupe body, with a slender body and a low posture. In addition, the new car is equipped with frameless doors, hidden door handles and electronic exterior rearview mirrors. It is worth mentioning that the side of the new car has a special intersection design and the visual effect is outstanding.

However, the shape of the taillights is too exaggerated. The size of the segmented taillights is so large that there is only Tengshi brand LOGO in the middle. In detail, it is also equipped with a hollow spoiler and an active tail, which adds a sense of movement.

In terms of body size, the length, width and height are 5180/1990/1500mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 3125mm, which is even larger than Paramera.

Equipped with easy tripartite technology

In terms of power, Tengshi Z9 GT is equipped with BYD’s new easy three-way technology, which corresponds to the easy four-way, that is, the front and rear three motors form an electronically controlled four-wheel drive system, the front axle is an induction asynchronous motor, and the rear axle is equipped with two permanent magnet synchronous full motors.

Among them, the maximum power of the front motor is 230kW, the maximum power of the rear double motors is 240kW and 240kW, the combined maximum power is 710kW, and the maximum speed is 240 km/h.


Tengshi Z9 GT has two biggest selling points. One is the coupe body design, plus the slender medium and large body size, and there is no direct competitor in the market segment at present. The other is the three-way technology, which gives its owners strong power performance. What do you think of the estimated price of the new car of more than 400,000?