Tangyuan is sweet and salty, so they eat it on Lantern Festival.

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Xinhua News Agency, Guangzhou, February 15 (Reporter Deng Ruixuan) "On the evening of the fire tree and silver flowers, the colorful lights are flowing." The fifteenth day of the first month is the Lantern Festival, a traditional festival in China. Generally speaking, the people will not finish the New Year until the fifteenth day of the first month. In addition to viewing lanterns and solve riddles on the lanterns, tasting delicious food is also one of the ceremonial contents of the Lantern Festival.
At this time, the difference between Yuanxiao and Tangyuan will always become a topic that netizens in the north and south talk about. As the saying goes, "Roll Yuanxiao, make dumplings". Although the name and practice are different, the beautiful meaning of reunion is wrapped in white and soft glutinous rice.
On February 14th, the citizens selected glutinous rice balls in the supermarket. Xinhua News Agency reporter Deng Ruizhen photo
According to the Records of Guangdong Province, on the fifteenth day of the first month, there is a custom of family reunion and "eating Yuanxiao" in Guangdong. The food flavor of "Yuanxiao" varies from place to place, and it is popular to eat glutinous rice balls, which means "round and round".
Ms. Feng from Guangdong still remembers that when she was a child, she always wrapped a pot of sweet dumplings with black sesame seeds and peanuts with her family before the Lantern Festival. On the night of the Lantern Festival, a pot of hot glutinous rice balls is served on the table, and the whole family sits around to eat glutinous rice balls and enjoy the full moon, which symbolizes the happiness and happy reunion of the whole family. Now, she will also buy stuffing and dough, and wrap a small box of dumplings with her children.
In Guangdong, there are many ways to eat glutinous rice balls, and many people like to eat them with sugar water to make this festival more sweet. The data shows that the products with sugar water and glutinous rice balls such as milk glutinous rice balls, mung bean paste glutinous rice balls and coconut milk glutinous rice balls in Guangdong are among the top sellers.
Sweet glutinous rice balls are not the only taste on the dining table of Cantonese people. Gong Bohong, a folklore researcher in Guangzhou, said that some areas in Guangdong also have the custom of eating salty dumplings. In Jiangmen area, people will cook sausages, radishes, mushrooms, shrimps and other ingredients into soup base, and add glutinous rice balls into it to make a pot of delicious salty dumplings. In Yangjiang, which is rich in seafood, people like to make a pot of salty dumplings full of seafood flavor.
Nowadays, people have more new choices in eating glutinous rice balls. In supermarkets, glutinous rice balls with different tastes such as yolk quicksand stuffing, durian stuffing and chocolate stuffing attract consumers’ attention; Tea shops should launch new products of glutinous rice balls and milk tea in time. Small glutinous rice balls with hot milk tea will give young people a new way to celebrate the Lantern Festival … The changes of glutinous rice balls show the development of society and the blending of multi-cultures, but what remains unchanged is people’s expectation for a better life.