Twenty-four solar terms beginning of spring | A year’s plan lies in spring, and beginning of spring remembers to keep fit.

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"A few times back to the geese, a few times of rain, and the east wind warmed up."

After the Spring Festival, I will soon arrive in beginning of spring in the 24 solar terms ~

Beginning of spring is the beginning of the twenty-four solar terms, the quiet arrival of spring, and the birth of everything. As the saying goes, "A year’s plan lies in spring". Since ancient times, there have been customs in beginning of spring, such as swimming in spring, beating spring, biting spring, worshipping ancestors and expelling epidemics, to celebrate festivals and pray for success.

Beginning of spring, where everything is recovering, is also a good time to start health care. Xiao U has prepared five tips for spring health care for everyone. Let’s take a look ~

Kit one

Protecting and nourishing the liver is the right time.

Traditional medicine in China believes that spring belongs to wood, which corresponds to human liver. Spring is a good time to protect and nourish the liver. Liver maintenance should pay more attention to four aspects: sleep, diet, mood and eye protection.

From 23: 00 in the evening to 3: 00 in the morning, the circulation time of the liver and gallbladder channels is good. Adequate sleep is conducive to the repair of the liver, and it is best to fall asleep before 11: 00 every night, which is more conducive to the recuperation of liver and blood and the recovery of vitality.

Diet should be based on light diet, balanced nutrition, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and drink less.

Emotionally, in spring, we should pay attention to mental adjustment, especially pay attention to anger control, so as to relax and feel comfortable, which can prevent the liver fire from going up, and is conducive to the growth of yang.

In addition, excessive use of eyes can also damage the liver, and attention should be paid to relieving eye fatigue and maintaining the liver by closing eyes and overlooking.

Kit 2

Lie down at night and get up early, be careful to cut down your clothes.

There is a cloud in Huangdi Neijing: "Lie down at night, get up early, stride in court, and put on your hair slowly, so as to make your life." After beginning of spring, the weather is warm and cold, cold and hot, with a large temperature difference between day and night. In daily life, it is advisable to lie down at night and get up early, loosen clothes, loosen hair and stretch your body. In terms of dressing, we should still pay attention to keeping warm, especially the head, neck, hands and feet, increase or decrease clothes appropriately, and don’t cut clothes prematurely or suddenly.

Kit San

Sweet and sour to protect the spleen and stomach

Beginning of spring solar terms diet should pay attention to the characteristics of spring hair growth, not eating sour taste, sour food will make liver qi more prosperous, hurt the spleen and stomach qi, which is not conducive to the hair growth of yang qi and the release of liver qi; You can appropriately increase the consumption of pungent food such as onion, ginger, garlic, coriander, jujube, yam and peanuts to nourish the liver and strengthen the spleen.

Green food is also beneficial to liver-qi circulation and metabolism, and can also eliminate fatigue and relieve liver depression. Beginning of spring season can eat more dark or green foods such as broccoli, spinach and green apples to nourish and protect the liver.

Kit four

Respiratory system should be protected.

When the weather gets warmer in beginning of spring, all kinds of pathogenic bacteria and viruses grow and multiply. The temperature is repeated, cold and warm, and influenza, pneumonia and so on often occur and become popular. In daily life, we should frequently open the window for ventilation, work and rest regularly, properly strengthen exercise, and enhance our immunity and resistance. Pay attention to the cleanliness and health care of the nose and mouth, and block the way that warm pathogens attack the lungs first.

Kit five

Stabilize your mood and don’t fluctuate.

In terms of spirit and emotion, the liver governs catharsis, is happy to reach the goal, and is smooth to pass. Anger and anger will lead to abnormal drainage of liver, resulting in stagnation of liver qi. Mental health care in beginning of spring season should learn to control anger, maintain an optimistic, cheerful and positive attitude, avoid bad emotions such as irritability, irritability and anxiety, conform to nature, and adjust appropriately, so that the qi of spring yang can be expressed and the metabolic function can operate normally.

It’s not too late in spring, but sometimes we meet. In the early spring when everything recovers, open the health care kit prepared by Xiao U, adjust your body and mind together, and enjoy the myriad colors given to us by spring ~


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Written by: Guo Lei, Department of Health Education (Chinese Medicine)

Original title: "Twenty-four solar terms in beginning of spring | A year’s plan lies in spring, and beginning of spring remembers to keep healthy."

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