Only 46 months after LI completed the delivery of the 500,000 th car, China manufacturing became synonymous with luxury quality.

  On September 27th, LI completed the delivery of the 500,000th user in Shunyi Delivery Center. The delivered model is the family’s five flagship SUV— — Ideal L7. Since the official delivery at the end of 2019, it took only 46 months for LI to complete this milestone, becoming the first China new force car company to deliver 500,000 vehicles. Since the beginning of this year, LI’s market performance has continued to be strong, and it has been the champion of high-end SUV sales in China for five consecutive months, which is the first time that China brand has broken the BBA pattern and made China a synonym for luxury quality.

Only 46 months after LI completed the delivery of the 500,000th car, making China a synonym for luxury quality _fororder_image001.

  Reconstruct the market structure from BBA to BBL in LI

  From January to August, 2023, the cumulative delivery volume of LI has reached 208,165 vehicles, accounting for more than 30% of the domestic new energy vehicle market with a price of over 300,000 yuan, making it the champion of luxury new energy vehicle sales. According to the market sales data with terminal transaction price of more than 300,000 yuan in August 2023, LI ranks among the top three in the list, successfully breaking the multi-year leading trend of "Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi" and rebuilding the market structure of "Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Ideal".

  From the market point of view of specific models, the L-series models of Ideal have been continuously recognized by users with strong product strength, refreshing the situation that foreign and joint venture brands have monopolized the SUV market in China for many years. As the new flagship of five seats in the family, Ideal L7 has won the sales champion of medium and large SUVs for six consecutive months, and topped the cumulative sales list from January to August, becoming the new king of medium and large five-seat SUVs, surpassing the monthly sales of Mercedes-Benz GLC, BMW X3 and Audi Q5 for many times. Ideal L7 is equipped with a new generation of extended-range electric system, equipped with sustainable intelligent driving and intelligent space, supplemented by ideal magic carpet air suspension ™ And the ideal fortress safety body ™ To provide more home users with an unprecedented travel experience.

Only 46 months after LI completed the delivery of the 500,000th car, making China a synonym for luxury quality _fororder_image002.

  In-depth self-research to create excellent products

  LI has always adhered to the core technology of full-stack self-research and self-built factory model. In the course of development, LI has laid a solid foundation for the full realization of "listing means quantity, and quantity means high quality", and is committed to making China a synonym for luxury quality, truly "exceeding users’ needs", thus creating value for travel.

  This year, LI officially released the "dual-energy strategy", which has continuously achieved phased results. In terms of intelligence, LI has extended its intelligent driving ability to urban NOA and commuter NOA, and conducted internal testing of early bird users one after another. LI not only built the first urban NOA scheme based on large model without relying on high-precision maps, but also launched commuter NOA products in order to make the capabilities of urban NOA serve every user as soon as possible. Commuting NOA is not limited by the size of the city. Even without high-precision maps, it can still cover users’ high-frequency commuting routes. At the same time, LI will use the BEV big model to connect high-speed and cities, so that users can seamlessly use commuting NOA regardless of passing through high-speed, loop or urban roads. This large model algorithm architecture will also help the high-speed NOA function of ideal AD Max and AD Pro platforms to be significantly optimized.

  In terms of electric energy, based on the goal of replacing fuel vehicles on a large scale, LI proposed a pure electric solution, which was globally optimized around 5C Kirin battery, 800V high-voltage platform and 5C super-charged pile. At the same time, the construction of 5C super-charged network was rapidly promoted, and the production and commissioning of Beijing Green Smart Factory in LI were carried out, so that pure electric power really entered the 5G era and realized 500 km battery life in 12 minutes. It is estimated that by the end of this month, 100 super charging stations under Ideality will be completed, covering popular go on road trip routes, allowing more home users to travel without worry. By the end of this year, 300 super charging stations will be built in LI, covering the four major economic zones of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Greater Bay Area and Chengdu-Chongqing.

  In addition, since its release, Ideal L Series has completed 16 OTA version upgrades, including 237 new functions and 164 function optimizations, so as to support the continuous optimization and iteration of product strength. Recently, three L-series models have completed the OTA 4.6 version push. This upgrade focuses on the intelligent cockpit, which includes the much-anticipated dialect free speaking. This function not only supports ideal students to understand Mandarin, but also adds Cantonese, Sichuan dialect, Henan dialect and other dialects recognition. In addition, the new mobile phone task master function allows users to add, share or get new tasks by scanning code anytime and anywhere through the mobile App without getting on the bus; This new multi-modal visibility can be said that the ideal young owners can choose the video content they want to watch through voice description.

Only 46 months after LI completed the delivery of the 500,000th car, making China a synonym for luxury quality _fororder_image003

  Maintain strategic strength and create user value

  LI has always focused on the high-end family car market. Based on the overall upgrading of organizational processes and operational capabilities, LI’s technical strength and market performance are constantly rising. In terms of products, the flagship of home technology — — The ideal MEGA will be officially released in December this year and will be delivered in February next year. This model is expected to break the traditional cognition that high-end pure electric vehicles can’t be explosive products, and become the first product with sales volume of more than 500,000. In terms of supply chain, LI has continuously enhanced the synergy and production capacity of production, supply and marketing, and promoted the vigorous development of local supply chain by optimizing supply chain management strategies and upgrading management processes, so as to achieve a double leap in technology and market share.

  Next, under the guidance of the "Double Energy Strategy", LI will continue to create the most outstanding products and services, and create a mobile home and a happy home for more families in China. (Photo: provided by LI)