They have an agreement with spring.

  On February 13th, an army of 1,400 medical personnel supported the first batch of additional troops of Hubei medical team to arrive in Wuhan. They come from different arms and services, but they have the same wish in their hearts: when the warm sun shines on the earth in spring, people in Wuhan can take off their masks and breathe freely, and walk hand in hand under the cherry trees. To this end, they met and came together — —

  Covenant of comrades-in-arms: We are together on the road of "epidemic"

  "Li Min, I have arrived in Wuhan." Team member Luo Chunmei can’t wait to send a message to Zhang Limin who went to Wuhan on New Year’s Eve. "Come on! Together. " Zhang Limin, who is busy in Vulcan Hospital, wrote a short reply.

  From the fight against SARS in 2003 to the fight against Ebola in 2014, Zhang Limin and Luo Chunmei always fought together in the "battlefield" against the virus. "After the outbreak, we had a hunch that the army would definitely draw a medical team. At that time, the two of us agreed to go together." Luo Chunmei said, "We have experience and must go to the front line!"

  Zhang Limin (first from the left), Luo Chunmei (second from the right) and his comrades are on the front line of aid to Africa and Egypt. (data map)

  On New Year’s Eve, Zhang Limin went out with the team in an emergency, but Luo Chunmei failed to catch up with them, so she was very frustrated. She repeatedly asked the hospital party committee to join the second team and went to Wuhan. Luo Chunmei was so excited to join the medical team that she told Zhang Limin, "It’s great that we can fight together again."

  As the nursing backbone of the medical team, Luo Chunmei devoted herself to the preparation of accepting patients after arriving in Wuhan. In the early morning of February 14, she didn’t sleep for nearly 40 hours before returning to the dormitory to rest; At that time, Zhang Limin had just finished his day’s work. "Have a good sleep and continue fighting tomorrow morning!" The two cheered each other up.

  Classmate’s appointment: pack your backpack, "I’ll go if you go"

  "I have already signed up. Say it, let’s go together! " On January 28th, Rebecca, a member of the team, just finished his well-deserved battle, and he couldn’t wait to tell Xiong Xiaowei, his former classmate and now colleague.

  In 2006, Xiong Xiaowei and Rebecca ended their four-year classmate life. After graduating from the Military Medical University, they were assigned to work in a hospital in Xinjiang. "Fate predestines that we will be inseparable in this life. No matter where we go in the future, we will all be together." Rebecca said jokingly. Since then, their work and life are inseparable and they have a tacit understanding with each other.

  Rebecca took his 2-year-old child back to his hometown of Sichuan when he was on vacation years ago. He intended to take it back after the New Year. On New Year’s Eve, after the army supported the Hubei medical team to rush to Wuhan, Rebecca told his parents: Please ask the parents to take care of the children first. If the hospital draws a medical team, I must go. At that time, Xiong Xiaowei also asked the children to take care of their parents-in-law and submitted an invitation letter. After the battle, the two men clasped their hands and encouraged each other.

  Before leaving, Xiong Xiaowei (left) and Rebecca cut their long hair short.

  On the night of February 12, before the team left, they cut their long hair and sent "photos for the war" to their former classmates. Looking at the two people’s hair cut into "inch plate", the students were full of admiration and left messages: You are the most beautiful retrograde people in our hearts.

  Husband and wife’s agreement: "You go first, I’ll follow."

  "Have you arrived? Where do you live? " At 5pm on February 13th, Hu Shuang, a nurse who had just left the ward of Vulcan Hospital after work, saw the news that the PLA support forces had arrived in Wuhan, and quickly dialed the telephone of his lover Zhi Li. "I knew you would come. Let me tell you something about our experience … …”

  Years ago, Zhi Li, a busy male nurse in the emergency department, and his wife Hu Shuang, both nurses, sent their two children back to their hometown, intending to wait until the end of the year to get them back. On New Year’s Eve, the news of the medical team came, and both of them were well-received. Unexpectedly, the hospital arranged for Hu Shuang to go out with the team, and Zhi Li was sent to the fever clinic for consultation. After the medical team set out, Zhi Li sent a message to his wife: "You go first, and I’ll be there later. If there is a second batch, I must be in it. " After that, they fought in different battlefields against the epidemic.

  Zhi Li (left) and Hu Shuang are three in life.

  Hu Shuang checked the drug use of patients in ICU of Huoshenshan Hospital.

  After the second batch of medical teams were selected, Zhi Li didn’t tell Hu Shuang that he was selected, and wanted to give her a surprise. After the team arrived in Wuhan, Zhi Li was not in a hurry to contact his wife, but waited until she was about to get off work before saying, "Did my dear get off work?" Unexpectedly, Hu Shuang had already guessed that Zhi Li had gone out with the team.

  After instructing the accumulated experience in advance, Hu Shuang sent a message to Zhi Li: Husband, I feel very proud that we can fight on the same battlefield. I hope that after the epidemic, we can walk hand in hand under the cherry trees in Wuhan.