Guangzhou Automobile released all-solid-state battery and pure visual intelligent driving, which landed in 2026.

Today, 2024 Guangzhou Automobile Science and Technology Day was officially held.

At the press conference, Guangzhou Automobile Group mainly released four new technologies, three of which can be regarded as "technical heavy positions" for Hyper.

One is urban navigation-assisted driving that does not rely on high-precision maps, which is also the fastest landing.Untouched city NDA It will be opened to the upcoming new Haoplatinum HT in the second half of this month.

In the future, Guangzhou Automobile City NDA will open more users of Hyperplatinum brand, and plan to achieve nationwide coverage of NDA without map in the second half of the year, so as to realize "opening when there is a road".

After the conference, we took a test ride on Haobo HT, which supports the NDA of the city without a map. The test ride version is a single lidar model, and the starting point and the end point are Guangzhou Automobile Research Institute. The official test drive route is about 16 kilometers, and the city NDA can be activated all the way.

The experience time is about 30 minutes. We passed through urban areas, expressways and small towns. Haobo HT’s performance in going straight, accelerating and decelerating, and avoiding parked vehicles is in line with the mainstream level of intelligent driving in urban areas. When encountering non-motor vehicles rushing out, avoiding them is relatively natural.

But it needs a driver’s help when it encounters a less clear and standard route. For example, at the right-turn intersection, when construction sand encroaches on the road, it is relatively crude and failed to turn around successfully. This is also the first manual takeover during today’s test ride.

When passing through the waiting lane of the left-turn intersection, it seems to be a little hesitant. It stops when the yellow light flashes, and the driver needs to tap the throttle and pass during the flashing of the yellow light.

When passing through the small town section, the participants on the road are relatively complicated, and there are more social vehicles, non-motor vehicles and people. When encountering dense vehicles and parked trucks that encroach on the road, Haobo HT is "at a loss" and finally the driver takes over.

After the test ride experience of this journey, the impression of Haobo HT without NDA is "available". The staff said that Haobo’s map-free city NDA will open two cities, Guangzhou, and more specific plans may have to be announced when the new Haobo HT goes on the market.

Haobo’s map-free NDA is put on the agenda, which conforms to the industry trend of light map and heavy perception. In addition to the map, at the press conference of Science and Technology Day, the official also predicted the "next step" of the smart driving route-Graphless pure vision automatic driving scheme GARCIA,On the basis of removing high-precision maps and lidar, the scheme will be mass-produced in 2026, and the first model of Haobo brand will be built.

Today, the official demonstrated the scene of intelligent parking of engineering vehicles equipped with GARCIA scheme. The decapitated parking and unmanned parking of mechanical parking spaces were successfully completed.

Not only smart driving, but also another technology that faces the future and is the first to take Haoplatinum, which was recently preheated by Guangzhou Automobile Group.All-solid-state battery technology,It is expected that the first platinum model will be built in 2026.

According to the official introduction, this all-solid-state battery adopts 100% solid electrolyte, which has the characteristics of ultra-high energy density, ultra-high intrinsic safety (mainly referring to monomer safety) and ultra-wide temperature range, and has been "from laboratory to mass production application".

It can achieve energy densities of 400Wh/kg and 910Wh/L, and the capacity of large-size, multi-stack all-solid-state batteries can reach 30Ah, but the official has not clearly disclosed whether it is the single energy density or the system energy density.

In official terms, compared with the mainstream liquid lithium batteries currently in mass production, this achievement has increased the volume energy density by more than 52% and the mass energy density by more than 50%, which can achieve a thousand miles of battery life.

The node in 2026 is consistent with the official plan announced at last year’s Guangzhou Auto Show, and it is not close, but it is relatively ahead in terms of the announced solid-state battery mass production schedule in the industry. As a reference, the earliest all-solid-state battery boarding time is set in 2027 and 2028.

At the end of the conference, the official launched IGLCA intelligent light business architecture,Based on this architecture, the real car of Qiji Automobile has also been officially unveiled. In the future, the brand will derive a variety of models through the separation of cabin and driving.

At the same time, the official also mentioned a model for the "silver-haired economy" on the Science and Technology Day, namely Chuanqi E9 PHEV Happiness Edition.

The new car was launched in March, with the price ranging from 329,800 yuan to 409,800 yuan. One of the highlights is that it is equipped with the first separated welfare seat in China, which can rotate out of the car and reduce its height, and supports independent electric driving.

Compared with the contents of Guangzhou Automobile Science and Technology Day 2023, such as the flying car GOVE, the contents of this year’s release are not so "unconstrained", which is in line with the big "volume" direction of the intelligent electric track in 2024.

However, some of the results of the smart electric technology released this time, which is inclined to Haobo brand, will not be announced until 2026. Can these results "stabilize" in the technical competition in the domestic new energy market two years later?