BYD Hanhexin Parts Supplier Collection (Part)

Since its listing in July, 2020, BYD Han has made great strides, handing over a very excellent answer sheet every month, and winning the hearts of many celebrities. For example, Yu Minhong, Chairman of New Oriental Education Group, Cao Dewang, Chairman of Fuyao Group, and Yu Liang, Chairman of Vanke Group, have all become distinguished car owners. The platform with these celebrities is not only the recognition and promotion of BYD brand value, but also the recognition of BYD product strength.

In addition to these celebrities, BYD Han has more than 100,000 car owners. In order to help you know more about BYD Han, we have compiled a complete list of core parts suppliers of BYD Han. Welcome to correct and complete the information.

The core parts suppliers of BYD Han (including EV models and DM models) include:

1. Power system parts suppliers

Comprises a driving motor, a motor controller, a -2.0T engine, a Han DM- cooling module ECM, a Han DM- exhaust system, a Han MD- supercharger, a hybrid DCT, a silicon carbide motor control module, a Ferrous lithium phosphate blade, a Han DM-, a battery management system (BMS), a BMS connector and a battery heater assembly.

2, electrical and electronic system parts suppliers

Comprises an on-board charger (OBC), a common-mode component (OBC), a body controller (BCM), a belt-driven electric power assist, a steering BD-EPS, a low-speed alarm, a pedestrian warning system, a TPMS tire pressure monitoring, an airbag module, a vehicle controller (VCU), a high-voltage wiring harness, a vehicle wiring harness, an outdoor temperature sensor, a charging port and a high-voltage connector.

3, intelligent network parts suppliers

Including: HiCar intelligent interconnection system, 5G technology, 12.3-inch LCD instrument, DiPilot intelligent driving, auxiliary system, automatic parking system, voice assistant 3.5 and car antenna.

4. Supplier of air conditioning system & thermal management parts

Comprises an anion generator, an air conditioning HVAC assembly, an electric compressor assembly and a condenser assembly.

5, chassis system parts suppliers

Comprises a frame, a brake, a shock absorber, an IPB intelligent integrated braking system, a brake caliper and a hub cover.

6. Body & Interior and Exterior Parts Suppliers

Including: whole car glass (except the skylight glass), skylight assembly, front left and right high-brightness black decorative strips, hidden door handles, window frame strips, front grille (high-brightness hot stamping), car logo, seat, headrest, seat belt assembly, steering wheel, IP/DP/FC panel, glove box, internal water cutting assembly, lower section of gutter and plastic guide rail, adhesive tape and low VOC adhesive tape.

7. Suppliers of process parts & general parts.

Comprises a sheath, a terminal, a board end connector, a high-current terminal and a condenser assembly.

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