In-depth long article: ask the M5 centenary, the second long-distance evaluation, to see the power consumption and experience.

I am a senior pollen user, and my family (mobile phone, computer, TV, car, even router, weighing scale and Yuntai are Huawei), and I have one at home (my car). In August, I changed it for my daughter-in-law (now I am basically driving it). After watching it for 100 days, I will write a long-distance evaluation to commemorate it.

First, I am not a marketing number, a water army number, and I am not blowing or black. This article is worth reading.

Wen Jie is my first tram. I just bought a car in February and March, and I was full of interest. I wrote a lot of evaluations in the newspaper, including praising M5 and spitting M5, with a total of more than 1.5 million exhibitions (see the picture below). ps:There are many great gods in comments, which are more exciting than the text and worth reading..

Second, let’s take a look at the daily account of this trip (round trip for two days):

(a) on November 10th to Yiwu daily account:

1. Depart at 8:38 in the morning, with 94% electricity.

2. From 11: 19 to 11: 55 noon, it takes 35 minutes to eat and charge in Xiaoshan service area, and the cost is 50.3 yuan, from 50% to 85%.

3. Arrive at 13:06 pm, with 64% remaining power. Travel 277 kilometers (3870-3593)

(2) Daily account returned on November 11th.

1. At 17:07, the remaining power is 55% (driving in Yiwu), so I’m going to charge first and then return. I was worried about rain, so I charged less than 10 yuan and returned at 17:17, showing that the power was 63%.

2. Dinner in Xiaoshan service area from 18: 47 to 19: 23, which took 46 minutes and charged 63.71 yuan. I forgot to take the screenshot.

3. Arrive home at 21:40 p.m., the remaining 40%, and the journey is 278km (4177-3899).

Second, this evaluation focuses on the difference between the first driving evaluation (Suzhou to Taizhou Linhai).

1. If you get used to it, you will completely lose your phobia of using electricity..

The first long-distance trip in October (from Suzhou to Linhai, 320 kilometers one way) was full of electricity, and I was afraid that there would be less electricity on the road. After the smooth back and forth, there are at least a few in my heart:The high-speed mileage of M5 is about 450km..

This trip to Yiwu (277 kilometers one way) is much calmer, and I dare to drive on the road when I charge to 63% on my return trip. On the way back and forth, I caught up with the meal, and it took me half an hour to recharge, which was basically enough.

Therefore, as long as there is no big traffic jam (the kind of big traffic jam), as long as it is not more than 600 kilometers one way (the road is fully charged once), this phobia is a psychological effect.

2, the tram is really cost-effective, save money! It smells good!

In the last evaluation, all the household appliances were fully charged on the road, and they were not charged at high speed. It was said by a group of people that it was unrealistic.

This time, I am charging casually, and household electricity and high-speed electricity are mixed. And the result? -or save money, or incense.

Take this time as an example, the total mileage: 4177-3593=584 kilometers.

The total electricity charge is 140 yuan, and the electricity consumption is 117.5 kwh, with an average of 2.4 gross/km and 20 kwh/100 km.among

  • ① The electricity bill at home is 16.34 yuan (when 94% came back, 40% was left, and 54% was used, totaling 43.3 kWh, and the electricity bill was 0.3783 yuan/kWh, totaling 16.34 yuan).
  • (2) Power was added three times in the middle, with a total electricity charge of 123 yuan (50.3 yuan +8.89 yuan +63.71 yuan) and a charge of 74.18 degrees (29.59+7.11+37.48).

Ps: Look at the picture below, yelling that household electricity is not so cheap. This is the bill for your own charging pile.

If I use my GLC, I guess the gas cost is 438 yuan.(584 km *0.09 L/km *8.35 yuan/L), ps: 9 oils per 100 km is not too much, is it? Average 7.5 gross/km

A round trip saves nearly 300 yuan (438-140), saving almost 5 gross/km.. Ps: Actually, you can add less electricity on the way back. It is ideal to charge 1.7 yuan/kWh of electricity, add 20 kWh less, and save 30 yuan.

3. The charging pile is empty.The two recharges are in Xiaoshan service area, both at the meal point (11:20 and 18:47), so there is basically no need to grab them, and there are many vacancies.

4, the tire pressure in the world is too nonsense, I am so angry!

When the weather is cold, the tire pressure will be warned, and it can’t be turned off. Use the self-contained air pump to inflate all four wheels to 2.5 (the safety area shown in the manual), or the alarm will continue.

As soon as the tire pressure warning, the intelligent driving system can’t be used!When I return, I have to do it manually! I’m so angry! Come back to the 4s shop for inspection, and the tire pressure should be above 2.6! What kind of stupid instructions is this! ! ! andThis self-contained air pump, plugged into the trunk, can’t charge the right front wheel, because the line … is not long enough!What kind of stupid design is this!

5, smart driving is really fragrant!

I won’t ramble any more when I ask about the fragrance of the intellectual drive. I have written several articles praising this intellectual drive.

And this hundred days observation, found that.Every upgrade, the intellectual drive of the world is improving.! In particular, the progress is very obvious.

This is very exaggerated! It’s only been a few days. I guess in another six months and a year, I just want to vomit and I can’t find a point!

6, the map is really useless!

Huawei’s map is too useless. I really suggest buying a mature one! Map is not a technical problem, it is accumulation!

  1. The speed limit on high speed, the logo is not allowed, this is the biggest bug!It’s lower than the actual speed limit, so it’s recognized. If the speed limit is 90, the speed limit is 120, and then press 130 to drive, then the brain is buzzing! I have used it for ten years. I remember that at the beginning, this speed limit was also inaccurate, so the car can only be equipped with electronic dog. After several years of chaos, now Gaode’s speed limit prompt is basically accurate! This is accumulation! It depends on time!
  2. Navigation in complex road conditions is also a variety of problems.There are even three different instructions (not for this evaluation distance) in the picture below: left, right and straight.

7. Finally, once again, I appeal to you: Make a 6-seat version of the smart driving pure electricity!

Intelligent driving+pure electricity (three-hour cycle) +6-seat daddy car is the best car in my mind!

When I get out of this car, I’ll replace GLC.