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  As the Spring Festival approaches, the new folk custom of "celebrating the New Year on the spot" has quietly warmed up the automobile market that was originally a traditional off-season, and the automobile market may usher in "Xiaoyangchun".

  The past year of 2021 was a "big year" for China’s automobile market, and the continuous emergence of high-quality models drove the "unexpected" high growth of automobile sales in 2021. In particular, China brand has made great progress, forming brand characteristics such as beautiful appearance, high value, high technology configuration and many applications of new technologies, which meet the needs of consumers in China market and are not inferior to international brands in the same stage. Under the new trend of "the rise of the national tide" and the increasingly fierce competition, the automobile market, which is famous for its "safety and stability", is also "electronic consumption". No matter which price range, more and more new models are impacting consumers’ demand at an increasing speed, which makes the automobile market present a new scene of unprecedented prosperity. The Economic Information Daily Auto Special Issue hereby selects ten models (in no particular order) from the hot-selling models in 2021 to cook a visual feast for readers.

  Geely xingyue l


  After only ten days on the market, it achieved sales of 6,059 vehicles, and accumulated sales of more than 50,000 vehicles in half a year. In the compact SUV market, Geely Xingyue L became one of the strongest players in this class.

  The main reasons for Xingyue L’s "popularity" in the market stem from three major breakthroughs in product strength: First, its CMA brand-new intelligent and evolvable electronic and electrical architecture gives Xingyue L the potential for intelligent expansion in the next 5 to 10 years; Second, it has a strong mechanical quality and has achieved the ultimate in safety; Third, it is equipped with customized suede, Bose audio, double laminated glass, ANC active noise reduction and other luxury settings that exceed consumers’ expectations. In addition, Geely’s CMA super platform has also created a "good foundation" for Xingyue L. The whole system comes standard with the Drive-E series 2.0TD engine.

  Judging from the comprehensive static experience, Xingyue L is undoubtedly an all-round player who is difficult to pick out weaknesses. It is not inferior to the current mainstream joint venture brand models, and it is richer in configuration, more cost-effective, more space and stronger in power.

  Sihao E10X Flower Fairy


  As a highly intelligent pure electric vehicle specially designed to solve the pain points of female users, Sihao E10X Flower Fairy exploded immediately after its listing, with a monthly order of over 15,000 vehicles, located in the first echelon of small pure electric vehicles ranging from 50,000 to 70,000 yuan.

  The magic parking function of Flower Fairy has become a parking artifact for new and old drivers. It has a 360 panoramic image, equipped with 12 high-perception ultrasonic radars to sense the surrounding situation in an all-round way, and APA automatically parks and guards parking safety. As the first launch function at the same level, "Hua Xian Call" is worthy of the cool black technology of Flower Fairy. One-button call can be realized by using mobile phones, and remote-controlled vehicles can park vertically, and even narrow parking spaces can enter and exit freely. Flower Fairy’s fancy cockpit provides an immersive digital interactive experience for drivers and passengers. Iflytek’s exclusive customized Flying Fish 3.0 system helps realize multi-scene wake-up-free intelligent voice and self-learning upgrade; The 12.8-inch high-definition smart screen with the largest central control at the same level and the high-end shield are the drop-dead gorgeous of the smart cockpit. The magic key function allows car owners to drive when they get on the mobile phone with a digital Bluetooth key in seconds, and controls the window with one key through the mobile phone, which can also realize digital key sharing.

  Hongqi H5


  In the past 2021, Hongqi saw her best self. Despite the adverse factors such as epidemic situation and chip shortage, the overall sales volume of Hongqi still exceeded 300,000 units, up more than 50% year-on-year, and the growth rate was 10 times of the industry average, and it became the leader of second-tier luxury brands with the attitude of "dark horse".

  In the overall sales volume of Hongqi, Hongqi H5 has made great contributions and become one of the sales leaders. With excellent product strength and young positioning, Hongqi H5 quickly won the favor of young people and filled the gap of independent brands in the field of mid-size cars.

  As an entry-level luxury B-class car of Hongqi brand, Hongqi H5 is not only online in value, but also outstanding in interior materials and workmanship. It is one of the few cars within 200,000 yuan that can give users a strong gas field, excellent texture and comfort, and at the same time, it has good dynamic performance and reliability.

  Hongguang MINIEV


  In 2021, the total sales volume exceeded 550,000 vehicles, and it became the champion of China new energy vehicle market for 16 consecutive months, and topped the global new energy vehicle sales list for five times … Since its listing, Hongguang MINIEV, a subsidiary of SAIC-GM-Wuling, has created a sales miracle in the automobile market.

  The fundamental reason why Hongguang MINIEV can become an explosion is the accurate grasp of the market. People who live in cities often face problems such as crowded roads, scarce parking spaces and difficulty in licensing. With the help of GSEV platform of SAIC-GM-Wuling, Hongguang MINIEV has achieved multiple breakthroughs in space, endurance in winter and safety. In addition, Hongguang MINIEV has also created a unique culture of "tide creation" and "tide makeup". Through innovative marketing methods, it not only sold products, but also circled users, forming a unique cultural circle. Based on this, the one-year preservation rate of Hongguang MINIEV is as high as 85.85%, ranking first in the field of pure electric vehicles, even better than Tesla and Porsche.

  New BMW 5 Series


  The average monthly sales volume exceeded 14,000, and the total annual sales volume exceeded 170,000. In 2021, the new BMW 5 Series became the ultimate winner in the fierce competition of the medium and large luxury car market in China.

  In the luxury car market, the BMW 5 Series has always been famous for its excellent handling and strong sportiness. After the new generation, the BMW 5 Series is equipped with the latest 2.0T inline four-cylinder turbocharged engine and 8-speed automatic manual transmission. This golden combination gives the BMW 5 Strap an unparalleled driving experience. At the same time, the intelligent lightweight and high-rigidity body also greatly improves the horsepower-to-weight ratio of the vehicle, which makes the new BMW 5 Series have a higher speed limit. The suspension system with the dual advantages of lightweight and high strength greatly reduces the unsprung weight and makes the dynamic response faster and clearer. In order to meet the needs of the evolution of the times, the new BMW 5 Series has also become a "technology expert", equipped with a whole new generation of digital keys, the seventh generation of BMWiDrive human-computer interaction system, automatic assisted driving system Pro and other series of black technologies, giving vehicles a higher dimensional intelligent driving experience and seamlessly connecting various car scenes.

  Li ONE


  In the past, the medium and large SUV market was occupied by traditional luxury brands such as BBA for a long time, but after entering 2021, Li ONE, one of the new forces to build cars, has completely changed this pattern. The data shows that in 2021, the total delivery volume of Li ONE exceeded 90,000 vehicles, and the sales volume completely crushed a number of traditional luxury brands.

  Li ONE’s outstanding achievements are closely related to its own product advantages and the domestic automobile market environment. With the introduction of the national second and third child policy, family users prefer cars with more seats, more space and more practicality when choosing cars. Li ONE is the first vehicle to bring extended-range electric vehicles into the mainstream, and it has outstanding performance in terms of cruising range, intelligent configuration and safety guarantee, and its popularity has remained high.

  In addition, on the basis of meeting the car demand of family users, Li ONE also extended and upgraded the concept of "family car", focusing on the car demand of families with children, and defined the category of "daddy car" with a car.

  Dongfeng Nissan Xuanyi


  To say who is the "King of Family Sedan" in China market, it must be Dongfeng Nissan Sylphy. In 2021, Sylphy’s total annual sales reached 524,232 vehicles, with an average of 58 vehicles sold per hour, ranking first in the domestic passenger car market.

  The reason why Sylphy can win the favor of consumers in China is that it has two important points: one is the larger space compared with other cars of the same class, and the other is the ultra-low fuel consumption.

  High comfort is the biggest highlight of Sylphy. Although it is a compact car, its length/width/height are 4631/1760/1503mm respectively, and its wheelbase reaches 2700mm. Moreover, Sylphy’s 1.6 self-priming engine has a maximum horsepower of 139 horsepower, which matches the CVT gearbox and gives full play to the fuel-saving ability of Japanese cars.

  The design has no slots, enough space, low fuel consumption, good comfort and low price. Sylphy not only firmly grasps the hearts of consumers, but also truly understands the needs of China families.

  Qin PLUSDM-i


  As the first model of BYD’s new hybrid platform DM-i, Qin PLUSDM-i has the power performance and fuel economy that its peers look forward to, and it has been snapped up since it was released. In the case of limited production capacity, the annual sales volume of Qin Plus DM-I in 2021 exceeded 190,000 vehicles, setting a new sales record for self-owned brand new energy vehicles.

  The price/performance ratio is the biggest advantage of Qin PLUSDM-i to seize the market. Its starting price is only 105,800 yuan, and the top model is only 145,800 yuan. However, the configuration is sincere, coupled with the stylish appearance and interior, and the long battery life of 1,200 kilometers, it is difficult for many working-class consumers to refuse.

  Undoubtedly, with the support of DM-i hybrid system, blade battery, excellent space performance and people-friendly price, Qin PLUSDM-i has strong competitiveness in the market and has become a star model in the compact passenger car market.

  Tesla ModelY


  Although it is often caught in negative storms such as large-scale recall, brake failure and frequent bugs in software functions, Tesla, the "topic king", still occupies a leading position in the field of pure electric vehicles, especially ModelY’s market performance is impressive. In the past year, the sales volume of ModelY reached 169,853, ranking third in the domestic luxury car market. It is the only non-BBA brand model in the luxury car list and the only pure electric model.

  ModelY can achieve this achievement, on the one hand, because of the price. After being made in China, the starting prices of the long-life version and the high-performance version of ModelY are 339,900 yuan and 369,900 yuan respectively, which are 148,100 yuan and 165,100 yuan lower than the imported version with the same configuration. In July 2021, Tesla even launched the ModelY standard endurance version with a starting price of 276,000 yuan, which lowered the entry threshold of the whole car system by more than 70,000 yuan. On the other hand, whether it is cruising range, intelligent driving or mechanical quality, ModelY is at a relatively good level in its class.

  Tank 300


  Looking at the auto market in 2021, the tank 300 of Great Wall Motor is undoubtedly a "phenomenal" model.

  Strong off-road capability is the core of tank 300. Set vertical platform, non-loaded body, part-time 4wd, crawling mode, tank U-turn, 360-degree panoramic image, transparent chassis and many other hard-core equipment in one, even off-road "white", tank 300 can make you easily cope with complex road conditions. Although he is a "tough guy", the tank 300 is also a "warm man". The comfortable driving experience, excellent sound insulation and quiet and reasonable fuel consumption level make the tank 300 take into account more daily car scenes while pursuing hard-core off-road. The addition of lane departure warning, lane keeping assistance, fatigue driving tips, adaptive cruise and steering wheel heating makes the tank 300 more relaxed and comfortable in the daily driving process. With differentiated product positioning and innovative integration of practicality and driving pleasure, Tank 300 has become a online celebrity with its own traffic, successfully "out of the circle" and "one car is hard to find" in the terminal market.

  (The text in this edition is compiled by Fu Yong, and the pictures are all information photos.)