The Ministry of Automobile Law of Krypton sent a lawyer’s letter to "Yiou", requesting to clarify the untrue and slanderous contents.

On August 23rd, the Ministry of Legal Affairs of Extreme Krypton Automobile publicly sent a lawyer’s letter to Chongqing Xiaochi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. today, demanding that the company publicly apologize to Extreme Krypton Automobile and related senior management personnel, and delete the article "Exclusive | Extreme Krypton Direct Marketing Reform".

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According to the Ministry of Justice, on August 22nd, Chongqing Xiaochi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.’ s new media accounts such as Yiou Auto, Yiou and Yiou Net (hereinafter referred to as Yiou) published an article entitled "Exclusive | Extreme Direct Reform" on several mainstream online platforms.

Krypton requirements are as follows:

According to the inquiry of IT House, Yiou wrote in the article "Exclusive | Extreme Direct Marketing Reform": "Extreme Marketing plans to expand its sales network by recruiting dealers on a large scale without changing the direct marketing model. As the core of the previous sales network, it will greatly reduce the number of new direct investment in the construction of official direct stores. "

IT house with krypton lawyer’s letter:

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