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One-week movie event


Have you ever dreamed of a star?

During the "two sessions" this year, the art entrance examinations of major colleges and universities started one after another, and Weibo’s search # Art Examination # had a reading volume of 1.42 billion, even far exceeding the popularity of fans who loved beans.


Hot topics are overwhelming, and every day, they are swiping the screen like a friend’s circle: "The girls in the art test show their calves in the cold winter," The art candidates have a bad interview mentality and sit on the ground crying ","13 exams a day "and" The art test is equal to God’s reward, which can be met but not sought "… …


This series of keywords are directed at the children after 00, and the art test is by no means "easy to test".

During the two sessions last year, issues concerning art education and personnel training received much attention. Feng Yuanzheng, who was elected as a member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference for the first time this year, also talked about personnel education in an interview: "It is good for candidates to pursue their dreams blindly, but it is also necessary to distinguish the purpose of their own art."


Take the Central Academy of Drama as an example. The number of applicants this year is close to 52,000, a full increase of 15,000 compared with last year. There are nearly 10,000 candidates in the most popular performance department, and the enrollment ratio of 195: 1 has become the highest in the past years.


One of the candidates, Jackson Yee, may have fainted a group of photographers.


The number of applicants for the Beijing Film Academy reached 45,077, a record high. The professional registration ratio of drama, film and television directors with the fiercest competition was almost 225: 1. The candidates looked puzzled and queued for interviews until they collapsed.


After reading these figures, you people who eat melons are scared to drop them.

In order to realize the dream of a bright star, more and more candidates want to squeeze into such a single-plank bridge of performance major. However, what are the real "talent gaps" in today’s hot film and television industry? What are some misunderstandings that are easy to exist on the road of art examination? What are the new trends and changes in the art test this year?


On Monday, we will invite the examiner for the performance interview to the scene as the performance director of the film flowers of war and the variety show The Birth of the Actor. Liu Tianchi, a teacher of the performance department of the Central Academy of Drama, will present you with a guide to answer the questions of the art test, telling you the secrets on the road to chasing dreams. Which star will she be most impressed by?

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Interpretation of the Mistakes in the Art Examination of the Special Programs of "Two Sessions"

Liu Tianchi, a performance teacher at the Central Academy of Drama.

Monday, March 12th at 21: 54.

How does the film law affect you, me and him?

If you accidentally watch a movie on WeChat, you are probably suspected of infringement. In life, we are not just bystanders watching movies. In fact, film law is closely related to our lives.


People’s Republic of China (PRC) Film Industry Promotion Law is the first legislation of China culture, which can not only provide legal protection for cinema construction, but also activate the whole film market. Now that this law has been implemented for a whole anniversary, what kind of reply did the film laws, policies and regulations headed by it give to this answer sheet of the times?

The most intuitive performance is the development of the film industry, which is embodied in the development of facilities and the quality of movie box office.


In the Spring Festival just past this year, the box office reached 5.723 billion yuan in just seven days, and more than 140 million people watched the Spring Festival movies. That is to say, one in every 10 people walked into the cinema for the New Year.

Since the birth of the Film Industry Promotion Law, many industry experts have mentioned that there are still many detailed rules that need to be improved. For example, many members put forward relevant proposals and suggestions at this year’s "two sessions". What else should be included in a law with perfect industry?


Jackie Chan proposed to pay attention to the evasion and concealment.

Feng Yuanzheng raised the issue of the protection of actors and staff and the limitation of work.

Jiang Shengnan proposed to protect originality and promote the healthy development of online literature.

Not only filmmakers, but also ordinary audiences, can we participate in stopping these illegal acts in our lives? Under the essence of film "entertainment", how to make the label of moral measurement more and more clear?

Next Tuesday, Yue Shenshan, a special observer and legal expert of the Voice of China column in china national radio, will be a guest at Today’s Film Review to decipher for you from a professional perspective: how the power of film law collides with the energy of the audience, and how the law influences the development and trend of the film in a subtle way.

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The influence of the law of the series of special programs of the "two sessions" on the film

Legal expert Yue Shenshan

Tuesday, March 13th at 22: 01.

43 years of screening, big life on the small screen.

Do peanuts have anything to do with movies?


Because movies are closely related to people’s livelihood.

According to Guo Jianhua, the first rural film projectionist in New China who has been working at the grass-roots level in rural areas for 43 years, there is a science and education film called "Good Peanut Harvest in Our House", which broke the traditional mode of taking science and education films as science and technology. It has actors, stories and plots.


Helping the poor first helps the wisdom. Let farmers watch a sci-tech movie and learn a technology to get rich. Movies have played a role in turning the spring breeze into rain.

Have you paid attention to the development of rural film screening in China?

According to statistics, in 2017, there were 46,248 projection teams active on the rural film service platform, which has fully covered 640,000 administrative villages and 620 million farmers nationwide.


The government paid for the stage, the projectionist contributed to the culture, and a series of cultural feasts entered thousands of households in the countryside. The rural film projection team walked through the streets all the year round, went deep into the activity square and went deep into the fields, and planted delicious cultural "crops" with standardized projection.

No matter on the street or in the alley, watching movies is becoming a leisure habit of people. Rural film screening not only improves the monotonous life of farmers in their leisure time, but also meets the spiritual and cultural needs of villagers.


Movies are influencing and changing people’s lives in a subtle way, and farmers’ audience is changing from "seeing movies" to "being optimistic about movies".

What are the favorite movie types of rural people? How does the film meet the spiritual and cultural needs of the audience? How does the state provide policy support for "cultural poverty alleviation"?

No one knows better than Guo Jianhua. She once said, "What can show people’s joys and sorrows in just a few minutes like a movie, make people cry and laugh together, and get educational significance?"


Next Thursday, "Today’s Film Review" specially invited Guo Jianhua, the first rural film projectionist in New China and the NPC deputy to this year’s "two sessions", to focus on cultural poverty alleviation, strengthen people’s livelihood-oriented initial intention, and share her "small screen big feelings" together.

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"Small Screen and Big Feelings" in the Special Programs of "Two Sessions"

Guo Jianhua, NPC deputy to the two sessions.

Thursday, March 15th

Black Panther is the best in the history of Marvel Comics?

Get to know the intensive phobia, the overbearing president, King Wa Kanda, the black "the most dazzling African national style", and the first black superhero in Marvel Comics.


The movie Black Panther is based on Marvel comics, and the story background is Captain America: Civil War. First of all, Eight Sisters who have secretly watched the movie have summarized the following points that can’t be missed:

The kingdom of Kanda is isolated from the rest of the world, but rich and highly developed in high technology.

A mysterious huge meteorite brought rare metals to Wa Kanda for the first time.

Panther T ‘Challa’s sister looks silly and sweet, but in fact she is a hidden high-tech talent.


The rhinoceros raised by Wakabi can actually evolve into an armored rhinoceros like Poké mon.

From Iron Man in 2008, to Black Panther and the upcoming Avengers 3: Infinite War, in the past ten years, Marvel Comics’s great commercial success is obvious to all, and it has accumulated hundreds of millions of huge fan groups in China, and the world has swept through Marvel Comics’s superhero tornado.


Superheroes such as Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Raytheon, Black Widow, Spider-Man and Ant are no less well-known in China than Pikachu and Logger Vick.

Up to now, Black Panther has surpassed Captain America: Civil War (US$ 408 million), Iron Man 3 (US$ 409 million) and The Avengers 2: The Age of Ultron (US$ 459 million) at the box office in North America, becoming the second place in the Marvel movie universe, which is almost equal to the champion The Avengers, and has won unanimous praise from film critics in North America. This film with double box office reputation has also been praised by many people as ".


Why can Black Panther get such a high evaluation?

The scene design, costumes and music elements of the film are full of national flavor, and the color collision like knocking over the palette with the natural scenery and national music of the African prairie is enough to wash away the audience’s aesthetic fatigue of superhero movies, which are different from the previous Marvel Comics style.


But unexpectedly, in the eyes of China audience, Black Panther is far from the "best level in history". What are the reasons?

Next Wednesday, Zhou Liming, a famous film critic, will be invited by Film Critics Today to analyze the exclusive customization of black superheroes in Black Panther, and discuss with you: Under what situation should Marvel Comics correctly expand its overseas territory?

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On the Universe Expansion of Marvel Films from Black Panther’s Perspective

Film critic Zhou Liming.

Wednesday, March 14th at 22: 04.

"Water Story" is a routine work?

Have you ever thought that one day, you will fall in love with a fisherman in the laboratory?


A love fable of Mary Su, a dream of "Princess Sargam" and "Mermaid Prince", a Nordic dark fairy tale, and the film "Tale of Water" tells the story of two lonely lives coming together under the arrangement of fate.


As the title of Water Story explains: "Love has thousands of shapes like water. Maybe you can’t touch it, but it is everywhere."

In the nomination list of the 90th Academy Awards, Water Story was shortlisted for 13 awards, including best film, director, heroine, supporting actor and supporting actress, and became the 10th film in the history of the Academy Awards to win 13 nominations in one fell swoop, second only to the highest record of 14 nominations maintained by la la land, Titanic and all about eve.


In the end, the film lived up to expectations and won four heavy statuettes, namely, best film, best director, best art direction and best soundtrack. However, its award was unexpected by many people and became one of the most controversial films in the history of Oscar.

From Hellboy, Pan God’s Labyrinth, Around the Pacific Ocean to the Story of Water, director guillermo del toro established his unique image style with fantastic elements, monster protagonists and cold blue-black tones.


Although director Gyro has created a bizarre world of light and shadow in which darkness and poetry coexist, science fiction and reality interweave, there are still many people who are questioning the cliche of the film’s plot and criticizing its over-routine commercial film mode.

Is Water Story really a routine work? Does it deserve to win the Oscar for Best Picture?

Next Friday, "Today’s Film Review" invited Sha Dan, curator of China Film Archive, to open this love letter from the deep sea with us, and to interpret the love fairy tale full of "humanity, animality and divinity" in the film.

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Revealing the Black Fairy Tale of Love in Water Story

Shadan, curator of China Film Archive

Friday, March 16th

This week’s newsletter

[Operation Red Sea’s total box office overtook Tang Detective 2] As of 6: 30 pm on March 10th, the cumulative box office in Operation Red Sea reached 3.268 billion yuan, overtaking Chinatown Detective 2 to win the final box office title of the Spring Festival movie.


By noon today, the box office in Operation Red Sea had broken 3.3 billion yuan. At the same time, the film also officially announced that the key was extended to April 15. Judging from the current trend, Operation Red Sea will surpass The Mermaid (3.392 billion yuan) at the end of this month, ranking second in the box office of mainland film history.


[The Regulations on the Management of VOD Cinema and VOD Cinema Line was officially promulgated] Recently, the No.14 document of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, the Regulations on the Management of VOD Cinema and VOD Cinema Line, has been formally reviewed and approved, and will be officially implemented on March 30, 2018. The "Regulations" have made clear qualification requirements for VOD cinemas: having the distribution right of film sources, having a billing system that conforms to the specifications of the the State Council film authorities, the legal person or the main person in charge is not in the film industry ban period, the number of VOD cinemas under the jurisdiction of VOD cinemas in the province is not less than 30, and the number of VOD cinemas under the jurisdiction of inter-provincial cinemas is not less than 60. The industry believes that having the right to distribute films will greatly increase the threshold of on-demand cinemas. At the same time, the scope of on-demand cinemas is much broader than in the past, and users will be able to see the films of the season in hotels, cafes, Internet cafes and other comprehensive entertainment places in the future.

[Han Han will shoot the third feature film "Flying Life"] Han Han’s promised new films "Triple Door" and "Made in the Sky" have failed again? According to the latest filing and project announcement of the Film Bureau of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, Han Han’s third feature film "Flying Life" was officially approved for shooting. The film is similar to "Riding the Wind and Waves" and also tells the story of racing drivers. Han Han once explained when filming Braving the Wind and Waves: "I’m really sorry for Triple Door and Made in the Sky, but this is not a jump ticket, it’s an insertion ticket." I wonder if this "Flying Life" is another "ticket insertion"?


[Shunji Iwai’s first China movie starts] It’s reported that Love Letter director Shunji Iwai’s work "China of China" has started. The film was produced by Chen Kexin and reportedly starred by Zhou Xun, Qin Hao, Du Jiang and Zifeng Zhang. At the end of last year, China was approved by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television. According to the filing information, the plot is similar to Love Letter, and the screenwriter is director Shunji Iwai.


[India’s topic film "The Starting Line" is finalized 4.4] India’s annual topic film "The Starting Line" officially finalized and landed in domestic cinemas on April 4, and exposed the finalized posters and trailers. The film, starring irrfan khan and Saba Kamal, tells the story of a pair of parents who struggled to choose a school so that their children could get the best education from kindergarten and reach the peak of their lives. Irrfan khan, the leading actor, once participated in the Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire, and played the middle-aged school after life and death in Ang Lee’s Fantasy Drifting of Pi.