There are 219,800 new cars with Yunnian -C BYD Tang listed in the whole department.

On April 22nd, Tang EV Glory Edition and Tang DM-p Glory Edition /2024 Edition went on the market. Han and Tang Dynasties, known as the "hexagon champion", realized the full-matrix glory edition rejuvenation and wanted to blow the horn of completely subverting joint venture fuel.

Tang Sancha-Glory Edition -KV- Pure Plate

Tang EV Glory Edition has three models, with a price of 219,800-269,800 yuan; Tang DM-p Glory Edition has two models, with a price of 229,800-249,800 yuan; The 2024 Tang DM-p Ares Edition has a total of one model with a price of 269,800 yuan. At the same time, the new car offers a variety of car gift packages.


The whole system comes standard with Yunnian-C.

The core upgrade of these three new cars is Yunqi -C intelligent damping body control system, which can realize stepless adaptive adjustment of damping by controlling the electromagnetic valve of shock absorber. When the vehicle passes through the bumpy road, the comfort control strategy of high frequency and small damping is adopted to make the chassis "soft" and improve the driving comfort. When the vehicle is in rapid cornering, acceleration and braking, the maneuverability control strategy of low frequency and large damping is adopted to make the chassis "hard", provide greater support, restrain the body roll and pitch, and ensure the handling stability of the vehicle.

Compared with the traditional passive suspension, Yunqi -C makes the vehicle achieve a "qualitative" improvement in driving comfort, while taking into account the handling of the vehicle.

20230813 Tang DMP 17285

At the core technology level, Tang EV Glory Edition, Tang DM-p Glory Edition /2024 Ares Edition focus on different scene requirements respectively. Tang DM-p Glory Edition /2024 Ares Edition is equipped with DM-p King Hybrid and comes standard with super intelligent electric four-wheel drive, which has achieved all-round transcendence over traditional mechanical four-wheel drive in terms of power, safety, difficulty relief and energy consumption. At the same time, DM-p King Hybrid inherits the gene of DM-i super hybrid, which makes the zero-hundred-speed acceleration of new cars as fast as 4.3s, and the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers in comprehensive working conditions as low as 6.5L. At the same time, the 2024 Tang DM-p Ares Edition is advanced with the differential lock of the relief artifact, and the off-road performance is further upgraded.

Tang Zhanshen Edition 2023072321110a001Z Submission

Tang EV Glory Edition adopts the blade battery that BYD is proud of. The two-wheel drive version has a pure battery life of 730km, and the four-wheel drive version is equipped with front and rear dual motors. It has super intelligent electric four-wheel drive and accelerates 4.4s at zero speed.

The new car can achieve a maximum of 170kW safe boost DC fast charge, and the longest battery life is 173km after charging for 10 minutes.

DSC_EV path -002

Start with a high match

The new car fully upgrades the high-end version of the smart cockpit -DiLink 100. Based on the D 100(6nm) chip, it deeply customizes the vehicle-class cockpit platform supporting 5 G. The performance of the high-computing chip is better than the mainstream of the industry, and it has the ecological advantage of millions of applications.

With the help of -DiPilot 10, the new car can achieve L2+ intelligent driving assistance level, and has the functions of BSD blind spot monitoring, DOW door opening warning and so on.

20230820 Tang DMP 15722A000-lzq

Comfortable configuration mainly continues the sense of luxury of the Tang family, and creates luxurious driving enjoyment from the four dimensions of vision, hearing, smell and touch as much as possible. The appearance continues the Dragon Face sports/closed front face, and the interior is equipped with 31-color intelligent cockpit atmosphere lights. The 2024 Tang DM-p Ares Edition is more radical and equipped with a complete set of Ares designs. In-car 12-speaker HiFi-class custom-made Dana audio, ventilation/heating/electric adjustment of the main and co-pilot seats, etc. The large 6-seat version also adds high-end comfort configurations such as ventilation, heating and 10-point massage in the middle row. In addition, the new car is also equipped with antibacterial module and intelligent fragrance to improve the air quality inside the car and make it fresh to drive.

20230812 Tang DMP Yangshuo 16076Z Submission

There are also some details to improve, such as romantic mode, parking unlocking function, 3D real car color matching, and convenient configuration such as 220V AC socket, 50W mobile phone wireless fast charging and 6kW mobile power station, which further improves the car experience.


Byd Tang can be regarded as a landmark product in the new energy era. In the traditional fuel vehicle era, the B+C SUV market has been occupied by joint ventures for a long time. Byd Tang has become a leader of independent brands in the 200,000-level mainstream new energy market from following, challenging and subverting. Obviously, the EV Glory Edition of Tang Dynasty, DM-p Glory Edition of Tang Dynasty /2024 Ares Edition all come standard with Yunqi -C, which will help the Tang family to maintain a stable position in this market segment. For BYD, it is more meaningful to accelerate the conversion from oil to electricity on behalf of China brand.