Qin family added a fierce member, focusing on the mid-level car market and experiencing BYD Qin L at zero distance.

After entering 2024, BYD launched the offensive of increasing distribution and reducing prices and slogan "Electricity is lower than oil", among which the glory version of BYD Qin PLUS DM-i with a starting price of 79,800 yuan was launched, further consolidating the brand’s share in the field of compact cars. Based on the product size and estimated selling price, Wangchao. com is a brand-new mid-level car.BYD Qin L will form a competitive relationship with joint-venture fuel vehicles such as FAW-Volkswagen Sagitar and Dongfeng Honda Civic in the future.

Qin L is a brand-new product of BYD Dynasty series, which will be launched at Beijing Auto Show. In appearance, Qin L adopts the latest Longyan aesthetic design. The whole front is similar to Qin PLUS design, but the details are different. In addition to adding a blackened net, the headlight group has become more visually impactful.

The rear of Qin L is equipped with a brand-new penetrating taillight, and the details adopt a more recognizable "Chinese knot" shape. The middle English logo on Qin PLUS is changed to a brand-new "BYD" letter logo on Qin L.Its length, width and height are 4830/1900/1495mm and its wheelbase is 2790mm,The standard mid-level car size gives the car a wide and luxurious driving space.

Qin l’s center console is decorated with blackened decorative boards, and the full LCD instrument panel is embedded in it.BYD’s iconic suspended central control panel and HUD head-up display are not absent, and it is equipped with DiLink 5.0 car system.In addition, a brand-new three-position steering wheel will be adopted. The function button area is similar to that of Song L, but the lower part remains different. At the same time, the auxiliary instrument panel is also equipped with a rectangular key area and a crystal electronic handle.

As for motivation,Qin L will be equipped with a new generation of hybrid technology. Although there is no specific data, it has better performance in terms of fuel consumption, battery life and thermal efficiency, bringing a super-long, super-provincial and super-fast car experience.The new car adopts front McPherson type and rear E type four-bar independent suspension, giving consideration to handling performance and comfort.

In addition, it is reported that the new car is expected to adopt a brand-new hybrid chassis code-named "P5", which will greatly improve the driving texture and perform better in handling performance. For more detailed information about the new car, please continue to pay attention to the car corps, and we will continue to update the latest developments of Qin L.